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Our unique approach to training is a beautiful blend of training methods fully suited for your own dog. No two dogs are the same, and we preach that no two dogs should be trained the same way, that's why we'll work with your pup to give them the specific guidance they need to get the solutions you need. Whether you recently got a new dog and want to get them started on the right track, or own a dog that needs some training, we are here to help.

Our amazing team of trainers form a unique harmony that complement each other resulting in a holistic training solution for you and your dog. Located within seminole county in Sanford, FL. With over 30 years of combined experienced working with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. From your adorable new puppy, to the rambunctious teenager and even those more serious aggression and behavioral problems. With our puppy/small breed specialist and our resident behavior specialist, we are here to serve all of your training needs. Click below to book a free phone consult today to learn more!



Our Board & Training program is an awesome way to Jump Start your dog's training or even "Reboot" bad training and take your dog's behavior into high gear in the shortest amount of time. Our program is also highly effective even with the most severe behavioral issues. 

Our board & training program is like no other. Your dog does not sleep at a facility, which can be intimidating for some dogs. Instead, he or she actually lives with us in our home! This makes for an easy transition from our home back to yours. 


Does your dog have any Bad habits or behavior you'd like to correct? An In-depth behavior evaluation might give you some insight as to what your dog is going through. Many "Bad" behaviors come from something deeper ie: Anxiety, Fear, Stress. We can help you identify what is causing this unwanted behavior in your dog and come up with a plan to modify it so you and your dog can live a healthier and happier life.


Daycare training is an awesome blend of private lessons with the benefits of having our trainers work hands on with your pup. During daycare training, your dog will join us a few times a week for daycare. Your pup will get to socialize, interact and play with other balanced, well-mannered dogs to learn good habits. We will also teach basic obedience, leash manners and house manners to your pup. At the end of each session, you receive a personal homework lesson video to know exactly what you need to practice at home in between training days. Daycare training is a great alternative for puppy basics, leash training, and working on general manners. This program is not suitable for behavioral problems (aggressions, fear, anxiety, etc.)

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