“Real Life Dog Training”


We look at dog training as a lifestyle and not a series of tricks, our training program becomes part of your lifestyle. The biggest thing we will work on is having a more calm & focused dog that listens better and is less reactive to all of the environmental distractions around your home and in the world.

All of our programs include the following obedience foundation. *Please note that the proficiency level of the command will greatly depend on the program you choose.

  • Proper Leash etiquette - Including Heel and loose leash walking (no pulling)

  • Sit and Sit/Stay 

  • Down and Down/stay 

  • Come when called

  • Place (go to your bed and stay)

  • ON LEASH Manners resolution training  (Counter surfing, jumping up, polite greetings, puppy nipping, digging, chasing, etc)

  • Leave it/ Drop it

  • Human & Dog socialization

  • House breaking (age appropriate)

The following programs are our most commonly sought service but we also offer fully customized programs to suit exactly what you're looking for so give us a call if you didn't find what you're looking for. 



Daycare training is an awesome alternative to the commonly sought private lesson training. Daycare training is a great choice for puppy training, Basic Obedience, leash training, and working on general manners. 


  • 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for 4 weeks - Hours are 8am - 5pm (some flexibility can be accommodate) 

  • 4 Group Classes after initial 12 sessions are completed

  • This program does require a large participation from the owners as the dogs will only be in our care 3 days a week and dogs need consistency in training to really succeed.

  • Daycare training is a curriculum-based program. 

  • This program excludes any behavioral issues (aggression, reactivity, resource guarding, fear, anxiety including separation anxiety, destructive behavior, extremely bad manners etc)

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BOARD & TRAIN $2750 & up

One of the main reasons our program is so effective and unique is because your dog does not sleep at a facility, which can be intimidating for some dogs. Instead, he or she actually lives with us in our home and becomes part of our family. Learning through formal obedience lessons as well as general day to day life situations. Additionally, all of our Board and train dogs go on weekly field trips to many different locations depending on what your long-term goals are for them. 


This program allows us to have 100% consistency in our training with the dog here full-time. This results in a dog that has a MUCH better understanding of what is expected of them, knows how to make choices and has the tools necessary to continue learning throughout their life. 

3 Week Puppy Board & Train $2750

  • Monday - Friday (puppies go home on weekends)

  • Includes Lifetime refreshers & group classes

3 Week Obedience Board & Train $3000

  • 3 weeks with in our home

  • Weekly visit from owner to practice (optional but highly suggested)

  • Video,Pictures and Text updates

  • On leash obedience & minor behavioral issues included

  • House manners Included

4 Week Obedience Board & Train $4000

  • More advanced proficiency levels of obedience

  • Can include specialized training (Swimming, Boat Training, Off Leash Training, Perimeter Training, Potty Bells, AKC Canine Good Citizen, Jet Ski training,Etc.)

  • Can also cover moderate to slightly severe behavioral modification



  • Group Classes

  • Boarding and Daycare privileges

  • FREE LIFETIME TRAINING during any Daycare or Boarding visit 



Dog Running



 This program is ideal for both Puppies and Adult dogs. We start off with 3 weeks of daycare lessons where you learn all the basic training foundation and communication. Followed by 3 weeks of hand's on training with one of our amazing trainers. Why is this program so ideal and so popular? 

  • The first 3 weeks allows the dog to not only learn all the basic foundation, but they get to build an awesome relationship with their trainer before coming to stay with us.

  • During the first 3 weeks of Daycare, you learn how we are training the dog and are an integral part of the process. This ensures much better success once the dogs go home.

  • 3 Weeks of Daycare Training

  • 3 Weeks of Board & Train

  • Includes OFF LEASH TRAINING if requested

  • Suitable for any dog 12 weeks and older.

  • Not eligible for severe behavioral issues, aggression, anxiety, etc.

The level of "proficiency" of which your dog will be able to complete the above obedience tasks, will depend greatly on a few factors including: Genetics, previous foundation training, length of training program, and participation from the owner. Our facebook page and website has many videos for you to be able to watch us working with dogs and get an idea as to what our obedience training looks like.