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The best of both worlds! This program combines hand's on training from our fabulous trainers with the personalized guidance of private lessons. Available Monday - Saturday at our 3 convenient locations with Pick up and Delivery options available(additional fee).  During the day your pup will receive multiple hands-on sessions with our trainers and everyday you will receive a customized lesson to know exactly WHAT and HOW to practice at home.



We know getting a new puppy can sometimes be overwhelming with the housebreaking, puppy biting/chewing, barking, etc! In addition to introducing your dog to basic obedience commands, we will work to have your pup be a confident and stable dog. Program includes the following:

  • Introduction to leash manners

  • Basic Obedience commands:

    • Sit & Stay

    • Down & Stay

    • Come

    • Place

  • Socialization & Desensitizing to things like:

    • Sounds

    • Other animals/people

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Obedience Training is such an important part of having a healthy relationship with your dog. In this program we can work on a single thing that your dog needs to work on or the full set of basic obedience commands:

  • Sit/Stay

  • Down/Stay

  • Place 

  • Recall (come)

  • Leave it

  • Drop it (Out)

  • Heel




This course will allow us to help you correct any bad habits you are currently facing with your dog.

  • Jumping

  • counter surfing

  • leash pulling

  • digging

  • chewing

  • barking, etc.

This course is ideal for dogs that already have a foundation of obedience training and understand all the obedience commands with light distractions. In this course we will focus in proofing your dog for complete reliability under any situation you encounter. We can also work on public settings to increase reliability under heavy distractions. 


*Please note that for behavioral issues like aggression, fear/anxiety, reactivity, etc, Board & Train is going to be the most reliable and effective solution. Click here for more info  

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