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Pre-Training Homework

This section won't always apply to every dog, so please confirm with your trainer if they want you to complete Pre-Work. The following homework is intended to facilitate training and reduce the amount of time we spend on very simple things. This will allow our trainers to get right to work on the important things you need!

  1. MOST IMPORTANT - Hand Feed your dog 100% of their food. This only takes a few minutes per meal. Watch video below to see example. If your dog is not very food motivated, this step will help increase their food drive. 

  2. If your dog currently pulls on the leash, please do not take them for a walk. Only outside to go potty and then back inside. This will start breaking the cycle of excessive pulling.

  3. If your dog is NOT crate trained, please download a copy of our crate training guide and start the process.

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